activities. activities

1) Define in PostgreSQL a DB that has at least 3 tables with 5 columns (of which 3 must be numerical) in each table.

Generate an ordered list for each table/column. Generate a list ordered by the highest value of the X column of all tables. Change the numerical value in the Y column with the numerical value of column Z + the value of column W/2.

2) The same exercise as above, but with MySQL.

3) Configure the cvs to make three revisions of a directory where there are 4 .c files and a makefile. Make a branch of the file and then merge it with the main one.

4) Simulate the concurrent use of a file with two Linux terminals and indicate the sequence of steps to be done so that the two alternating modifications of each user are reflected in the cvs repository.

5) Same exercise as above, but one of the users must connect to the repository from another machine.

6) Idem 3, 4 and 5 in Subversion.