1.8. What we will look at...

Having studied this "philosophical" introduction to the world of open source and the history of UNIX and GNU/Linux systems, as well as defining the tasks of a system administrator, we will look at how to handle the typical tasks involved in administrating GNU /Linux systems.

Next, we will look at the different areas involved in administering GNU/Linux systems. For each area, we will try to examine a few basic theoretical foundations that will help us to explain the tasks that need to be done and to understand how the tools that we will use work. Each subject will be accompanied by a type of tutorial where we will look at a small work session or how some tools are used. We will simply remember that, as mentioned in the introduction, the field of administration is very broad and any attempt at covering it completely (like this one) is destined to fail because of its limited size; therefore, you will find an abundant bibliography for each subject (in the form of books, web pages, web sites, howtos etc.), where you can broaden your knowledge from the brief introduction we have made on the subject.

The subjects we will look at are as follows: