1.6. Tasks of the administrator

As we have described, we could divide the tasks of a GNU/Linux administrator (or UNIX in general) [Lev02] into two main parts: system administration and network administration. In the following points we will show in summary what these tasks in general consist of for GNU/Linux (or UNIX) systems; most part of the content of this course manual will be treated in a certain amount of detail; most of these administration tasks will be developed in this course manual; for reasons of space or complexity, other parts of the tasks will be explained superficially.

Administration tasks encompass a series of techniques and knowledge, of which this manual only reflects the tip of the iceberg; in any case, the bibliography attached to each unit offers references to expand on those subjects. As we will see, there is an extensive bibliography for almost every point that is treated.


System administration tasks could be summarised, on the one hand, as to administer the local system, and on the other hand, to administer the network.

Local system administration tasks (in no specific order)

Network administration tasks